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A simple standup meeting assistant for Slack

managing standup reports

No more lost reports in #general channel, each member just posts to Scrumbot.

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Never forget

ScrumBot reminds 'the team' to post

'The team' is defined as anyone who has entered a report within the last month, to avoid spamming inactive team members.

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Easy reporting

Message scrumbot

Reporting is done by sending a message to Scrumbot’s direct channel, no excess noise. You can also ask Scrumbot for "status" or "help".

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Set your time zone

Never miss a report again. Set your time zone and be reminded at the right time for scrum and meetings.

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For developers

open sourced

Scrumbot is written using the Red Sift serverless programming platform and we have open sourced the code here, if you want to extend or modify it, or just find how programming in Red Sift works. Scrumbot is written in Javascript, but you can write Red Sift applications in Python, Java, Scala, Clojure and Julia, or any mix of those languages. Red Sift also provides full stack browser integration, if you want to make serverless applications with real-time browser UI’s. 

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Scrumbot is free

No fee, no catch, launch and run Scrumbot totally free.

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Peace of mind


Each scrumbot has separately encrypted data, which only your bot has the keys to. We have no access to your data.

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